Hi! I'm
Sammy Kaye! :)

I'm an Open Source Engineer at Datadog.

I'm @SammyK on and SammyK on .

I also have a few other passions...

PHP Roundtable Podcast

I'm the host of a PHP podcast called the PHP Roundtable which is a podcast of developers discussing topics that PHP nerds care about.

PHP Internals

I spend most of my time managing the DDTrace PHP extension.

I also like to contribute to php-src. So far I've contributed the following to the PHP engine:

West Coast Swing

I love to dance. And I travel all over the States competing & teaching West Coast Swing. The dance competitions include two improv divisions called, "Jack & Jill" and "Strictly". I have also competed in routine divisions with my awesome dance partner Heather.

"Hit It" Routine Michigan Classic 2016

"Smooth Criminal" Routine US Open 2014

"Mad" Routine MADjam 2014